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Tabanan is an administrative regency (district) located in the western part of Bali, which is an Indonesian island. Tabanan covers an area of approximately 839.33 square kilometers and has a population of over 420,000 people (as of 2020). The regency is known for its natural beauty, including scenic rice paddies, stunning beaches, and picturesque mountains. Tabanan is also home to several cultural landmarks, including temples and palaces, as well as many tourist attractions. The regency has a rich history and is an important center for Balinese culture and tradition.




Tabanan, Bali offers a wide variety of things to see and do for visitors. Here are some of the top activities and attractions in Tabanan:

  1. Visit Tanah Lot Temple: This iconic Hindu temple is perched on a rock formation in the sea and is one of Bali’s most popular tourist destinations. It’s especially beautiful at sunset.
  2. Explore Jatiluwih Rice Terraces: These UNESCO World Heritage-listed rice paddies offer breathtaking views of Bali’s scenic landscapes.
  3. Go for a hike at Mount Batukaru: The second-highest peak in Bali is a popular spot for hikers and adventurers, with scenic trails and lush forests.
  4. Relax at Echo Beach: This black sand beach is a popular spot for surfing and swimming, with several restaurants and bars along the coast.
  5. Visit Pura Luhur Batukaru Temple: This sacred Hindu temple is surrounded by lush forests and is one of Bali’s most important spiritual sites.
  6. Go on a Bali Butterfly Park: See dozens of species of butterflies and other insects in their natural habitat.
  7. Explore Taman Ayun Temple: This historic temple features beautiful architecture and is surrounded by a moat and gardens.
  8. Go on a waterfall adventure: Tabanan is home to several beautiful waterfalls, including Gitgit, Sekumpul, and Nungnung.
  9. Visit Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest: This natural forest sanctuary is home to hundreds of friendly monkeys that you can observe up close.
  10. Take a scenic drive along Tabanan’s rice terraces: Drive or bike along Tabanan’s scenic roads for stunning views of the region’s rice terraces and traditional Balinese villages.

These are just some of the top things to see and do in Tabanan, Bali. There are plenty of other attractions and activities to explore as well, making it a great destination for nature lovers, culture seekers, and adventurers alike.

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